We focus on wood from sustainable forestry. Hence the company Gebr. Kess Saegewerk GmbH is certified with the label FSC and PFSC. For our production the origin of our logs is of prime importance. Our logs are exclusively from our area, a real local product.

Our forest is the ecological bases of life for plants, animals and humans. Therefore we respect and take care of the valuable raw material wood. Timber is THE renewable raw material in Germany. It is not only available in abundance since the German forestry commissions plant more new trees than they cut down, but it also stores CO2 which is also released during the processing of finite resources. This positive effect of storing CO2 can be extended by repeated usage of wooden products. Furthermore, this valuable raw material can be recycled repeatedly.

PEFC and FSC have one common aim: To improve the usage and the maintainance of the forest worldwide. The cultivation of the forest, from the raw material to the wooden end product, is controlled by independent organisations. With the purchase of products carrying the PEFC or FSC label everyone can help build a healthier environment.

Video source: Copyright ProHolz Austria