Beech (bot. Fagus sylvatica L.) white unsteamed, steamed

Thicknesses 16-100 mm
Lengths 2.5 – 6 m

Quality Remark/example use
AAB 70% two-sided clean
30% one face clean
AB Stairs- and furniture industry
ABC Small items and furniture industry
AB red heart Stringers and mouldings
BC small items


Oak (bot. Quercrus sp.) Plots/loose items

Thicknesses 20 – 80 mm
Lengths 2.5 – 6 m

Qualität Remark/example use
I Stringers and mouldings
I (small knots) Stringers and mouldings (small knots)
I (big knots) Stringers and other stair components
I / II Stairs – and furniture industry
I / II / III furniture panels (rustic) and casket wood

Hornbeam, (bot.Carpinus betulus L.)

Quality Remark / example use
AB Stairs and furniture industry
ABC small items


Ash (bot. Fraxinus escelslor) white, brown core

Maple (bot. Acer)
Alder (bot. Alnus)
on customer request

further wood species can be requested